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Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained

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Viparita Rati – Woman on top Kama Sutra positions

Kama Sutra Positions 9 kama sutra positions Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained Kama Sutra 9The sage Vatsyayana had made sure that both the man and the woman received equal opportunities when it came to sex.

While some of the Kama Sutra positions required the man to do all the work and satisfy the woman, some positions required the woman to offer pleasure to the man.

Other Kama Sutra positions required both the lovers to gain pleasure with equal involvement.

Men love the Woman on top Kama Sutra positions as they gain maximum satisfaction due to the women striving to satisfy them.

#5: The Vadavaka or Mare’s Trick Kama Sutra Positions

This Kama Sutra position states that the woman needs to work in order to satisfy the man. She has all the power to control the movements and her partner just lies back and enjoys. While the woman lies down on the bed, the woman needs to lie on top of him, with her back facing him. She needs to ride him in this position with constant stimulation by moving her hips continuously. Like a mare, she milks the man’s penis while he acts like a stallion. Since this is a difficult position, it needs a fair amount of practice, but once it’s mastered it can offer great fulfilment to both the man and the woman.

My beautiful lover stared at me in the eyes as he plumped my breasts. Slowly, I could feel the sexual stirrings in my body as his hands worked magically. Kissing me lightly on my neck and breasts, he travelled lower and licked my navel, making me purr with pleasure. Locking gazes with me, he slid a finger inside my vagina and my body reacted instantly. As he massaged me, I clutched the sheets on the bed and shifted restlessly but suddenly he removed his finger, only to take me with his mouth.

I gasped as his tongue drew circles on my clitoris, making me aware of all the nerves in my body. Watching him suck me slowly, with his tongue pushing inside my vagina made me almost go insane. Suddenly, I had an idea and wanted to try the Vadavaka position with him. He appeared surprised when I got up and pushed him down on the bed. I wanted to offer him my body, just like he had tried to satisfy my needs. With him lying down on the bed, I took charge and lay on top of him with my back facing him.

‘You’re going to love this…’ I said as he clutched my breasts with both his hands. Slowly, I slid his penis into my soft vagina while he got up to push me forward. With one hand on the bed to gain momentum, his other hand circled my clitoris. I rocked my body in slow motions as my yoni tightened around his penis tightly in a vice grip. Sheathing him completely in my warm vagina, I milked his penis with firm strokes of my body.

His hand rubbed my clitoris fervently as my pace increased. As I moved faster, his mouth dug deep into my back and he was unable to contain the erotic pleasure flowing through his body. I had all the power and I basked in the moment as I could please him the way I wanted to. With one hand on my breast, I rubbed my vagina to please myself. It felt amazing to touch myself as I moved my hips erratically to make him lose control. Breathing harshly, he cried out my name as he came inside me. With his hands scratching my back roughly, my body vibrated as an orgasm shot through me too. Ecstatic, I lay back on top of him as he lay down on the bed, totally content.

#6: The Bhramara or the Bee Kama Sutra Positions

Again, the woman gains controls through all her body movements in the Bhramara position. It states that the woman sits astride the man while he sits with his leg unfolded. Then, the woman slowly guides the man’s lingam (penis) into her yoni (vagina). The man performs by raising his thighs and buttocks to match the movements of the woman.

While this can be done without taking any support, the man can sit against a wall to make it better. In addition, the woman can also kneel down instead of sitting on the man’s lap to gain more access. While this can be extremely pleasurable to the woman as it stimulates the clitoris, it might not be great for a man as this position depends completely on the woman’s body movements.

I woke up from a deep sleep as I felt him caressing my breasts. My body felt supple and wonderful as I stretched and kissed him on his lips. As he tried to deepen the kiss, I freed myself and trailed down his body. He had a lean, masculine body and slowly, my tongue licked every inch of his neck as my fingers grasped around his thick penis.

His body stiffened as soon as my tongue flicked over the tip. My eyes never left his as I took him deep into my mouth. Groaning, he pushed his hips forward desperately, eager to find traction but I took my own time as my tongue circled around him slowly. As I went faster, he began to thrust his body rigorously. With his eyes closed, he grabbed my hair as I took him deeper. Suddenly, his entire body shuddered and he came inside my mouth, making me drink it all.

It was his turn to please me just as I had and nothing else would please me more than the Bhramara Kama Sutra position. Following my instructions, he sat against a wall as I sat astride him and slid his penis into my soft vagina. Drawing my feet up, I took him deeper into me and revolved my hips to enjoy it more. Slowly, I circled my hips around his penis and he arched his body so that I could gain better access.

With my hands on his shoulders and his hands on my breasts, I drove myself into him. The feeling was magical as my clitoris was stimulated to the maximum with this position. With every thrust of my buttock his penis rammed into my G-spot and drove me to frenzy. It was magical and beyond imagination as I uttered piercing cries and scratched his shoulders with my long nails.

Squeezing my breasts harder, he leaned forward to provide more penetration and as soon as he did that, I came violently with an orgasm that threatened to knock me out senseless. To enjoy the position more, I drove into him even as I came to make the orgasm last for a long time. Finally as my body stopped quivering, I sank into his arms as I was totally sated and happy.