Kama Sutra Positions

Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained

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Prashtam Asana – Rear Entry Kama Sutra positions

Smiling, he ruffled through the pages of my diary again. Enthralled with the way I taught him all the sex positions shown in the Kama sutra, he gazed at me intently as we just sat there in silence, relishing all these beautiful moments. He was my Purusha – man in Sanskrit, and I enjoyed watching his pleasure whenever he lost control.Kama Sutra Positions 6 kama sutra positions Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained Kama Sutra 6

Out of all the Kama Sutra positions described, I loved the Prashtam Asana, otherwise known as ‘Rear Entry Positions’ since they offered maximum satisfaction. Vatsayana had used creative ways to describe the Rear Entry positions. Most of these positions were about how animals made love. Inspired by nature and animals, these positions were extremely sensuous and offered incredible stimulation. It also created an element of mystery and surprise as the woman couldn’t see the man when he penetrated her.

He stared at me for a long time as I lay on the bed naked. I took immense pride in my body and groomed myself to perfection. Treating my body as a temple, I had no inhibitions and took great care of it. He leaned over to stroke my breasts as I prepared to teach him how to satisfy me.

#3: The Svanaka or Dog Kama Sutra Positions

This Kama Sutra position states that the man has to mount the woman like a dog. He will grip the sides of her waist and penetrate her yoni (vagina) and make sweet love to her. The woman will then twist her face to gaze at the man, full of love, during the throes of her passion.

This was one of the most basic positions and it also allowed him to explore my body as he pleased. It was truly artistic and allowed the man to penetrate deeper. It was similar to a dog making love and therefore, it was known as the Svanaka (dog) position.

‘I’m going to teach the Savanaka Kama Sutra positions to you now,’ I stated, rolling away from him.

I hopped off the bed and bent until my hands touched the ground. He gazed at my back lovingly and stood behind me. As his hands roamed all over my back and buttocks, he inserted a finger in my vagina, massaging my clitoris in circling motions. I thrust my hips backwards to find some traction as he continued to massage me.

With my body feeling feverish, I felt drops of sweat form on my skin. Suddenly, he pulled his finger out and slapped my behind, making me gasp due to pain and pleasure. I loved it when things went wild and pain was a part of my pleasure.

Uttering sounds like an animal, I excited him and he ran his hands all over me – my thighs, breasts, calves and waist. Brushing his fingers over my vagina, he softly blew air on it, driving me to an edge. He was seducing me and I loved it as I expected him to please me more than I’d ever imagined.

Moaning, I curled my fingers on the blanket as his fingers parted my flesh, making me gasp. ‘I want you inside me. Now…’ I breathed, unable to wait anymore. Clenching my body, I felt my muscles quiver as my wet vagina clasped around his thumb tightly.

‘God, I can just eat you now. You’re like a mysterious creature…Look at how greedily you’re milking my thumb,’ he mumbled.

Hearing my keen sounds, he could not wait any longer and rammed into me, holding my waist for support. I held on to the edge of the bed and pushed my hips backwards, all ready to meet his plunges. Pushing my hips against him I matched his momentum. Leaning further, he grabbed my breasts with both his hands and scratched me wildly.

According to the Kama sutra, a woman was supposed to be proud of her love marks and I twisted my head to watch him. His eyes filled with lust, he clenched his teeth as he felt his orgasm and watching that made my body quake violently as I came in a torrent.

I sank down to the floor and he did the same as he slowly pulled out of me. ‘Thank you…’ he muttered as I inspected the wild scratches on my breasts.

#4: The Kulisha or Wheelbarrow Kama Sutra Positions

This Kama Sutra position stated that the man had to hold the woman’s feet and lift them high up in the air. It resembles a wheelbarrow and thus, it is known as the Wheelbarrow position. With the woman’s feet high on the air, the man pushes his penis into her vagina, thus offering sexual gratification to her and deriving more pleasure at the same time.

Compared to all the other Kama Sutra positions, this is one of the most difficult ones to perform as the woman can get light headed due to the blood rushing to her head. Therefore, this position needs to be attempted only after practicing it for several times.

I lay face down on the ground with only a pillow to support my head. I could do it on the bed, but this position allowed further penetration and thus, following my instructions, he grabbed my feet and lifted them until they touched his waist. Stretching them wide apart, he could get a clear view of my wet, gleaming yoni. The sight must have aroused him since he pushed his lingam (penis) into me slowly.

This Kama Sutra position was great, at least for me, because it provided the element of surprise. I couldn’t see him and could only move my body by speculating his moves. As he entered me, I rested my forearms on the pillow and lifted my head. The blood rushing to my head made me shudder as his jabs became deeper by the second.

He began pulling my hips towards him as he thrust his entire body forward into me.  The sensations that coursed through my body couldn’t be described as I mewled and writhed on the floor with my feet high in the air. His grip on my leg tightened and my legs began to slip from his grasp.

Our love making began to take a wild turn with him displaying animalistic passion. The Kama sutra states that a woman will feel a thunderbolt pass through her body and I literally felt as he’d struck me with bolts of lightning as he rammed into me. Gripping my ankles, he locked them in place on the sides of his waist to gain more pleasure. His strokes were brutal but firm and as his fever rose, he drove into my vagina as though his life depended on it.

Breathing raggedly, he dug his fingers into my flesh and the erotic, deep sensation, mixed with his feral passion drove me to heights as I felt an orgasm rip through me, making my body tremble. I came in a rush as he growled and came at the same time. His cum flowed over my stomach as he continued to drive into me, closing his eyes tightly. Lowering my feet on the ground, he sank down on the floor to lie down next to me. With no energy to get up, he hugged me and I whispered sweet words into his ear.