Kama Sutra Positions

Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained

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Purusha – Man on top Kama Sutra positions

He wrapped his arms around my waist as I kissed his cheeks. Without wasting a second, he kissed me on my lips. It was so soft and tender that I stopped for a moment, gazing at him. Tightening his hold on my waist, he kissed me again and this time I parted my lips open, inviting him.Kama Sutra Positions 2 kama sutra positions Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained Kama Sutra 2

Slowly our kisses turned deeper as he tasted every corner of my mouth. His beautiful tongue promised immense fulfilment and suddenly, the air was charged with sexual tension. With his wet tongue trailing down my throat I arched my back as we undressed hurriedly, filled with desire to touch each other.

Completely naked, we embraced each other as we lay down on the cot. His hands roamed over my breasts and his erotic tongue licked my taut nipples as he proceeded to nibble on them. It was my turn to entice him as everything he offered had to be returned back to him.

I gently pushed him down on the soft bed and lay on top of him. With my long hair trailing on his chest, I kissed and licked every part of his body. Starting with his earlobes, I gently sucked them as he groaned and it made me feel powerful. Gently, I bit his neck to tease him more, watching his reaction closely.

#1: The Vyomapada or Splitting of a Bamboo Kama Sutra Positions

This Kama Sutra position stated that the wife or the lover would lie down on the bed and grasp her feet. She would draw her feet until it touched her own hair and the man could touch the woman’s breasts and continue to make love to her.

‘I’m going to teach the ‘Splitting of a bamboo position’ now,’ I stated. This position demanded a supple body and I was confident that I could do it. It was one among the ‘Man on top’ Kama Sutra positions and since I wanted to offer pleasure and take him to heights he’d never reached before, I started with this position.

Lowering myself on the bed, I nudged him to kneel down. Slowly, I lifted my leg to place it on top of his shoulder. He wrapped his hand around my leg to hold it in place as I wrapped my fingers around his hard, swollen penis to excite him further. With lust filled in his eyes, he slowly massaged my clitoris and entered me, making me lift my leg higher for deeper penetration.

His hands were free and plumped my breasts as he thrust himself harder. This Kama Sutra position was amazing since it offered maximum stimulation to both of us. As he began to push himself inside me, I lowered my leg and lifted another leg on his shoulder, to complete the cycle. I continued to shift while he pounded into me, with my legs resembling a split bamboo.

Our bodies glistened with perspiration as he rammed with every ounce of energy he had.  I clutched my own breasts as I often did, to experience erotic sensations. Urging him to satisfy me more, I pushed my hips onto him. Closing his eyes, he revealed in the carnal pleasure and stretching away from me, he gripped my leg harder with his plunges turning wild. I leaned towards him to pull him closer as he continued with his piercing thrusts.

He leaned in towards me until my leg touched my own hair spread on my shoulders. Gripping my breasts with both his hands, his penis pushed into my vagina, making me scratch his hands fiercely. He did not stop even for a second, but continued with his rhythmic movements.

I rubbed my clitoris to enhance the pleasure. As he watched me touching myself, he lost control and fell apart. His entire body shook as an orgasm tore through him. His thrusts were rough, but I was insatiable and it took a lot to satisfy me. In time, he would learn more and I hoped to be pleased.

#2: The Madandhvaja or Yawning Kama Sutra Positions

This Kama Sutra position stated that the man grasp the ankles of the woman and raise her thighs. It’s also necessary for the man to spread her legs wide and approach her when he’s full of desire. With his body stiff resembling a pole and whispering loving words into her ear, he could drive into her in a straight forward manner to pierce her yoni (vagina) and join each other’s limbs.

He clung to me, as though his life depended on it. Completely naked, except for my necklace and bangles, I lay down on the bed. Kissing and licking each other, we lay there for a long time. I kissed him ferociously as I remembered our passionate moments and wanted to re-ignite them. We explored each other slowly as he bit my nipples wildly, delighting me in the process. Biting, slapping and scratching, as long as the partner consented to it, was recommended in the Kama Sutra.

I had chosen this Kama Sutra position as I wanted him to feel powerful. Sex was all about offering and receiving at the same time.

‘I’ll teach the Madhandhvaja or the Yawning Kama Sutra positions now’ I muttered as he obliged. This position required a lot of expertise and couldn’t be performed easily, but I was confident that he’d perfect the art. Lying on the bed, I spread my legs wide in front of him.

I instructed him to grasp my ankles and raise my thighs. This required a lot of stimulation and unless I was completely aroused, I wouldn’t enjoy it. I wanted him to savor my body and thus, I spread my thigh joints as far as I could.

Taking his time, he caressed my legs, trailing his fingers on them. Muttering something, he kissed my legs and as I smiled appreciatively, he bit them. Completely exposed in front of him, I allowed him to thrust his enormous penis inside me.

I positioned my outstretched legs by pressing it on the sides of his waist. With his body straight, he drove into me with full force as our hands interlocked to gain momentum. Freeing my hands, I gripped my breasts harder. His hands were on me instantly as he squeezed my hands that were on my breasts. His plunges became faster as his desire pushed him to take me.

As he continued with his deep thrusts, I gripped the edges of the bed, unable to contain a scream. I watched him stimulated beyond belief as he pushed harder, with every thrust becoming violent. It was a union that surpassed sex – a spiritual and unimaginable union.

Clenching his teeth, he watched our wild love progress. A mind numbing orgasm ripped him apart just as I felt my body quiver too. Mumbling incoherently, I felt my body quake as he rammed into me. Grabbing my breasts, he screamed my name as he came. It felt like an eternity as his eyes adjusted to mine gazing at my body. Mystified with my tradition and culture, he embraced me sweetly, just like a lover would hug his sweetheart after intense lovemaking.