Kama Sutra Positions

Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained

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I watched him study my diary – a book that contained a detailed explanation of all the Kama Sutra positions. His blue eyes widened as he flipped through the worn pages in concentration. The diary was no normal diary but it had been treasured in my family for generations.

I had to admit that the book consisted of an in-depth research, but I wasn’t embarrassed about it as the Kama Sutra wasn’t all about plain sex; instead, it was something that spoke about the secrets of love and the union of the soul and body. It delved into the concept of Kama that revolved around using all the five senses to gain pleasure. In the olden days, a woman could learn the secrets of the Kama Sutra through a female friend or through anyone else she could trust.

My great ancestor had been a dancer in the King’s palace and had taken immense pleasure in satisfying the King. She had passed her invaluable knowledge to her daughter and thus, it had continued as a tradition for us.

Many people assumed that the Kama Sutra was a book about Tantric sex, but in reality it was the science of making love. It was mysterious in its own way and offered priceless insight to your own body. Written somewhere between AD 100 and AD 400 by Vatsyayana – an ancient Indian Hindu man, it guided people to make love to their partners in an artistic manner. I wasn’t very confident with my body but once my mother taught me, I’d learnt to appreciate my skills even more.

The Kama Sutra explained numerous exotic poses and many of them were about Yoga. Yoga was and is used to develop a physical and mental harmony and it was stated that one could attain deep satisfaction by observing the positions. It also meant that I’d have to be very fit and healthy to practice those positions and after a while, it helped me gain a fabulous body. I had more reasons to follow the Kama Sutra – it gave me the strength and confidence to be proud of my bodyKama Sutra Positions 8 kama sutra positions Kama Sutra Positions: Secrets of Extreme Pleasure Explained Kama Sutra 8

It involved different postures that included the Aasita (Sitting), Aadishthana (Standing), Prashtam (Rear-Entry), Viparita Rati (Woman on top) and Purusha (Man on top). Interestingly, it was written in a way where both the partners derived extreme pleasure. All these positions held different meanings and reasons. While some of these positions made the man powerful, some of them made the woman dominant.

I wanted to try the ‘Man on top’ positions with him first as these were the ones that were practiced widely. It was also easy to understand these positions as Sage Vatsayana had described them beautifully in the book. I must admit that these positions also allowed the deepest penetration, thus providing ultimate gratification to both the partners.

I studied him through the veil of my thick eyelashes. I’d seen him visit the temples of Varanasi regularly to meditate and strangely, I felt drawn to him. I had the urge to discover more about him and his culture. I smiled as I thought about how much I could teach him. He’d never look at sex the same way after we were done. Oh the things I could do to his body…

‘This book’s magical!’ he exclaimed as I nodded gleefully. He regarded me with his midnight blue eyes for a moment before he came closer to me. As his divine scent washed over me, I smiled delightfully as cleanliness was more important than anything else to me. Even in the olden days, the couples would engage in lovemaking after taking care of their personal hygiene.

Next, I wanted to create the mood and walked around the room, lighting incense sticks made of sandalwood. The fragrance wafted over us, creating a delectable mood. According to the Kama Sutra, one could derive a great experience when such little details were taken care of.

‘I can teach you 10 Kama Sutra positions shown in this book,’ I stated confidently as a look of happiness came over his face. He nodded as I inched closer to him, eager to explore his body. Wanting to touch all his erogenous zones and make him comfortable before we went further, I cupped his face to kiss him on the forehead. The Kama Sutra stated that the mind is the most erogenous zone and thus, I wanted him to relax