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Jeannette Walls: Starting All Over Again…

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Jeannette Walls It’s not easy to start over in life. Sometimes, we encounter serious situations and hardships where we just have to leave everything and start afresh, but it’s easier said than done and that’s where most of us fail.

The key is to let go and start from scratch sometimes. Many people do not even understand what it takes to become successful.

However, we have to let go of friends and even family when it doesn’t work out well. Hell, it isn’t easy to turn your back on your family and to pick up your pieces and move on.

It’s never easy to abandon everything you know in hopes of a great future. But, Jeannette Walls did it.

Jeannette Walls had to leave her family and everything she knew, in hopes of a better tomorrow. All she wanted was a shot at life. She had siblings and she really wasn’t the first one to pack up and leave and neither was she the last one to do so.

But there’s a reason as to why she was different from the others. She had the will to hope and dream for a better future and she did it.

Born on April 21, 1960 in Phoenix, Arizona, life was never kind for Jeannette. She was born to Rex Walls and Rose Mary Walls. She was the third child though her parents had lost a daughter previously. Jeannette Walls was a tall, skinny girl with red hair just like her brother Brian and Lori, her sister.

Her family played a crucial role in how her life shaped up. Rex Walls, her father, was an alcoholic. .  However, Rose Mary Walls had four kids to care for and was not  too worried about her husband.

Jeannette Walls describes  her mother as being very interested in painting. In fact, she was so engrossed in her artistic abilities that she would rather indulge in painting instead of cooking since a picture would last forever.

Jeannette Walls had two sisters – Lori and Maureen and one brother – Brian. She had not met any of her grandparents although she met Grandma Smith at a later stage in her life. Often, they would stay with her grandma, but Rex would fight with her and they would have to leave immediately, sometimes in the middle of the night. In her book, ‘The Glass Castle: A Memoir’, Jeannette describes all the troubles she faced as a kid.

Jeannette Walls says that her family would pick up whatever they could fit into their car and skedaddle. They would travel without any kind of a plan and once they left a town, they travelled to another small town. If they liked the place, they would stay and if they didn’t, they would drive until they reached another town.

This would go on again and again and often, they stayed in one particular town for at least a fortnight or a month, depending on how they liked it. Sometimes, they would stay for months together and later they would leave again.

It came to a point where Jeannette and her sister Lori who were trying to count the number of places they visited, lost count as they couldn’t even remember them anymore.

Jeannette Walls states that they counted until fourteen, but after that they lost track of it. None of the towns they visited held any importance to them and they couldn’t see anything special in what they were doing. Jeannette’s book talks about how her father nurtured dreams of building a glass castle once they became rich.

Jeannette Walls father rarely did things for the family but he often carried blueprints of the building and the children also worked on the rooms of the building. He promised the kids that they would never have to move to different places looking for shelter again and that they would all be happy in their own home, known as the Glass Castle.