Is He Ready? 6 Signs He Wants a Relationship

Is He Ready? 6 Signs He Wants a Relationship with You

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We’re all familiar with the cliché of the lovelorn teenage girl or middle-aged mom, hunched over their bed or a bottle of wine, wishing and thinking and hoping and wondering what they might be, those mystical signs he wants a relationship?

It can be easy to get hung up on questions like that.  Life can be a difficult endeavor, after all, and so it’s pretty common to want to brave its many challenges with someone else at your side.  What’s more, finding signs he wants a relationship is often seen by our culture at large as being itself a sign of maturity.

Whether or not you agree with that ideal, it does mean that the urge to connect with someone else is strong enough to send us pouring over the smallest details, clues and articles alike to try and find out whether or not that special someone is ready to take the next step.

That being said, when it comes to searching for signs he wants a relationship, you don’t necessarily want to be analyzing every little thing.

Not only is that liable to drive you just a little nuts, but trying to find the hidden symbolic sign of a sneeze can make you come across as somewhat clingy, and not exactly relationship material yourself.

Granted, that’s a rather extreme and silly example, but all the same, relationships need to breathe, especially in their early stages, and harping on every little detail can make you come across as smothering.

Still, there are plenty of hints worth looking for; including these six signs he wants a relationship