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Interpersonal Relationships: Lessons Learned from the 6 Greatest Operas

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Few things put the full range of emotions and interpersonal relationships on display in all their melodramatic glory quite like an opera.

While we tend to think of opera as a hoity-toity, elitist art form—and, let’s be honest, to a certain extent it still is—chances are you know more classical and operatic music than you think.

Great composers, like great writers, are simply woven into the fabric of society and the codes of understanding which make up everyday life and, yes, interpersonal relationships.

Whether you first heard them in the Royal Opera House, watching a Met broadcast, or by watching Bugs Bunny shave Elmer Fudd, you know the most famous tunes from The Barber of Seville, even if you don’t who wrote them (Giacomo Rossini, in case you were curious.)

One of the things that makes opera so wonderful a medium is that it allows those interpersonal relationships and emotions to be conveyed through a range of different means.

Acting, singing, the instrumentals, the story—it all comes together to create a quintessence of sentiment and interconnectivity, which—if you couldn’t tell from our website title—is something we feel is resonant, impactful, artistic and, at the same time, something which can offer real-life guidance.

Whether you’re an opera veteran or a newbie to the balcony, here are six soaring operas and the lessons on interpersonal relationships their incredible composers still offer us today