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#3: ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ ― Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the great myths about America is that we don’t have royalty.  Technically it’s true, of course, but give any nation a few hundred years to develop, and chances are you’ll see some family dynasties rise to the top.

In fact, this was somewhat true even from the start—John Adams was, of course, one of our most important Founding Fathers and our second President, and his son was our sixth President…and nowhere near as impactful as his father.

From there, we’ve had the Clintons, the Bushes, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers and, yes, the Roosevelts, the latter giving us two of the most monumental Presidents in our history in Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt—but it’s Eleanor who cracks our list of inspirational quotes.

Taken from the book This is My Story, this entry in the annals of inspirational quotes definitely fits in with the life story of arguably America’s most influential First Lady and one of the greatest Americans of all-time.

She was a lifelong advocate for civil rights, for the rights of women, and against the oppressive forces of Nazism.

She visited wounded soldiers, provided FDR with invaluable advice, and was arguably as active a First Lady as we have ever had—a role she continued after the untimely death of her husband, as she continued to stand as an ambassador of peace of the best of the American spirit for decades more.

And all this despite her being mercilessly mocked as a child and even into adulthood for her allegedly-’ugly’ looks.

Like George Eliot before her (whom we will get to in time) she not only bore that cross admirably, but broke free from it, and her place in the history books is proof positive that the pathetic efforts to make one feel inferior can be trumped by superior spirit, to say nothing of intelligence, dedication, compassion, and all the other qualities that make Eleanor Roosevelt so remarkable.