How To Tell If You re Bisexual

Am I Bi? How To Tell If You’re Bisexual

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#5: Am I Bi?

It is altogether wrong to say that a guy is bisexual because he has a girly voice or girly hands or facial features that resemble a woman. These are physiological variances that several men can have.

However, there are some things that are not physiological but purely biological. For instance, there is one aspect of physical behavior that puts women and men in different pigeon holes – the hand gestures.

Women have a different way of making hand gestures as compared to men and their hand gestures are a lot more rigorous than men. One can clearly differentiate between the hand gestures made by a woman and those made by a man.

When a guy makes hand gestures like a woman, then chances are that he might be a bisexual. Similarly, there are color preferences with men and women when it comes to clothing and accessories. Women like wearing colors like pink that are not typically the best worn clothes for men.

Every man has some clothes that are girly in color, but then that can be a wardrobe malfunction or just a lack of availability; however, when a guy is inclined towards wearing such colors than he might be a bisexual.

There is no natural connection between gender and color choice when it comes to clothing but a purely psychological one. Women like wearing pink because it makes them look kinky, similarly when guys start wearing too much of pink then there are odds that they can be bisexuals.

Purple is a color that is specifically referred to as a color of the bisexual men, and those men who are open claimers of them being bisexual wear it to show case their gender orientation attaching with it a sense of confidence and pride on who they are.