How To Tell If You re Bisexual

Am I Bi? How To Tell If You’re Bisexual

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#4: Being Bisexual

There are some aspects of a man’s behavior that make him look downright suspicious. A man is normally not very much concerned about his contact number or his email ID. He keeps one or very few of these and takes on anyone who contacts him through these means.

However, if a man has several email IDs and especially with varying names or has several phone numbers that his line of occupation does not explain, then there is something fishy.

It is possible that he has different email IDs so that he can conceal his identity on social media accounts where he chats with other guys that he is attracted to.

It’s also possible that he does it to attract other women, but that’s a different matter altogether. It is also possible that he has shared his number with another guy who he is in relationship with and the secondary phone number is for other people. People tend to keep different cell phone numbers to maintain their privacy.

Also, guys who avoid picking up phone calls coming from certain numbers or unknown callers can also be bisexual. This is so because they might be too afraid to pick up the call to find an old offender who knows about their bisexuality and bullies them because of it.

It is after all an admitted fact that young children who are bisexuals get bullied real badly by their seniors who make fun of them and hurt their feelings. Similarly, a bisexual guy who has been violated by another person in his childhood might develop an everlasting sense of fear towards identical people.

For instance, if he was violated by a senior, then he might start hating him for life. In addition to this, a guy who has a constant sense of insecurity can be bisexual because he does not have the confidence that is normally associable with men. If he is unable to lead a confident life and finds things extravagantly challenging then odds are that he might be a bisexual.

Note that you can’t really assume that a man is bisexual if he has a few numbers and email ids. A man might have different numbers for his own purposes; however, these are some of the signs you need to look for when you suspect something is wrong.