How To Tell If You re Bisexual

Am I Bi? How To Tell If You’re Bisexual

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#3: Bisexual Test

How to tell if you’re bisexual? Guys can be worried about a lot of things like their career, money, health and women, but these forms of depression are proven through evidence like joblessness, being single and being broke.

However, if a guy always looks depressed though he seems to have everything that a normal person would want, it sometimes indicates that he could be bisexual. Of course, he could be depressed, unhappy or sad due to various other reasons.

When in a relationship with a man who seems discontented usually, you can try to find out why by communicating with him.

Actually, the harsh truth is that bisexual people are still not accepted whole heartedly. Men who are bisexual in nature face a lot of problems in this regard because they are considered power structures of the society.

People look down on men who display signs of weakness, even if they are straight, so you can imagine the kind of stress a bisexual man could go through.

Thanks to the pressure created by the society, they undergo a lot of problems emotionally. Although some people resign to the fact that they aren’t accepted, others decide to come out in the open and confess everything, but it’s very rare for them to be accepted. If a man decides to keep his secret a secret forever, it can create a lot of problems later in his life if he decides to get married.

Such situations usually make a man tensed and he tends to be upset over everything. Complications take a toll on their mental health.

Hence they go into a mental state where they decide to just hide the truth. Such men make girlfriends so that people would not recognize them as being different, but unfortunately it makes their condition worse as they are not actually being with the person they want to i.e. another guy, making their behavior looking extremely disturbed.

Even if he is a very good actor where he is able to pretend he is straight, there are some things that he cannot imitate like the trade mark masculine jealousy of a man when it comes to his woman or a typical aggression in relationships that is special to a man.