How To Tell If You re Bisexual

Am I Bi? How To Tell If You’re Bisexual

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#2: Bi Curious

Men love and crave sex. That’s perfectly understandable and many women crave for it more than men. If you are into a relationship with a man, your physical intimacy plays a major role in it. After having remained friends for so long, eventually a time comes when couples start sleeping together or at least start thinking about it.

But, if you’re dating a guy who does not display or hint of any intimate feelings towards her, then he can possibly be a bisexual.

Guys naturally have a very high tendency of getting aroused when sexually stimulated by women. It is very difficult for them to hide their excitement and it is even harder for them to not get attracted towards women.

However, if a guy is just not making love to a woman even after mutual consent, there could be something you need to think about. Chances are that he simply changes the topic and runs away when he feels that things are getting hotter between him and his girl.

A bisexual man who does not want his girl to know about the truth and also does not want to make love with her will always try to flee from getting physical with her.