How To Tell If You re Bisexual

Am I Bi? How To Tell If You’re Bisexual

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#1: Am I Bisexual?

Not all the men who spend most of their times with other guys are bisexual, but a distinguishing line can be drawn between the two kinds. If the man spends a great deal of his time with other guys then there are a few things to notice. It can make you uncomfortable but you need to find out if your suspicions are true. First off, you need to figure out if he’s spending way too much time with one particular man or just with other men in general.

The second thing to note is whether he is spending most of his time with other guys because he tries to avoid women or because he simply wants their company.

Knowing the first explains the half of it as he is simply hanging out with other guys that make him feel like welcome and that’s perfectly fine; however, if he is hanging out with a single guy then it is very much possible that he might be bisexual.

The second question explains the remaining half and one can observe the body language of a guy to know if he is in the company of men for fun or for sex. It can be hard to guess really whether a guy hangs out with men more than his woman, but the fact alone that he spends a lot more time with them than what he should is enough to raise some concerns.