How to Stop Domestic Violence

How to Stop Domestic Violence

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

No woman plans to enter into an abusive relationship and I certainly didn’t plan for how to stop domestic violence.

I often read stories of domestic violence and had also seen friends suffering because they were trapped, but I had never imagined that I would be trapped in a similar fashion one day.

Years ago, I married someone who I felt was the man of my dreams. I loved him with all my heart and would do anything to make him appreciate me, but sadly things didn’t work out the way I had planned.

It’s different if you separate from your husband if you have a few issues but it’s an entirely different ball game if you have to leave him because he’s abusive.

I had to go through years of suffering until I could muster enough strength to face him. It was sick and I had sunk into a depression I just couldn’t get out of.

I see many women complaining about domestic violence but it’s surprising that very few of them take steps to get out of the relationship. Of course, if you have kids, it becomes harder to get a divorce, but in my opinion, one should simply take steps to stop domestic violence and if it isn’t happening, the couple should separate.

If you’re suffering from domestic abuse, read on to see how to stop domestic violence