How to Start a Conversation with a Girl You Like

Get Her Attention! How to Start a Conversation with a Girl You Like

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#2: How to Get a Girl to Talk To You More

If you can make a girl laugh, you’re already a step ahead of the other guys. However, it isn’t as simple as busting out some funny pickup lines that you recently Googled. There needs to be some context combined with your humor.

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For example, whatever you say, it should pertain to the both of you. Wherever you are can be all you need to think of something funny and creative to say. If you’re at a grocery store, bust out some dirty pickup lines about how big the melons were in the other aisle. Just be careful not to say anything objectifying, rude or utterly inappropriate, regardless of how funny it may be.

First impressions are everything. So, tread lightly with your humor, but always apply context into it so that whatever you’re saying is relevant to the situation. This is also beneficial because it will emphasize your confident side, while also creating a shared moment.

Drawing some parallel between the two of you, instead of making a completely random statement shows that you’ve already paid more attention than the rest. So, look at what’s in her shopping cart, or what music is playing on the radio in the bar, or what team she’s rooting for at the game. Humor and context is key.