How to Speak with Confidence

How to Speak with Confidence So People Will Listen

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#5: Speak Slowly

This is probably the best way to exude confidence over the phone. Ever wonder why speakers pause when they are addressing an audience? Well, the power of the pause is immense, especially when you are talking to people in a crowd or during a conversation over the phone.

Often, people who lack confidence in speech mumble and speak faster, thus giving an impression that they are scattered. However, if you speak slowly and clearly, with a grip on whatever subject you are talking about, you will definitely seem confident.

Speaking faster is a sign of nervousness and it also makes the other person feel that you are blabbering something without a clue. To practice talking slowly, take deep breaths and think about what you were going to utter before everything else. This not only prevents you from talking fast, but it also gives you enough time for you to talk efficiently.

While some people think that it is a ridiculous idea to talk slowly, the person you are talking to will appreciate your concise and clear way of talking. Having said that, many of us have the habit of talking fast and it is not easy to switch back to talking slowly very easily, so you can practice by talking in front of the mirror and take deep breaths while you are at it.

In addition, you can also display self-assurance while talking slowly, and though this might take a while to master, this is definitely the best way to sound confident while conversing with people over the phone.