How to Save a Relationship

How to Save a Relationship That is Falling Apart

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There is not unique or easy answer on how to save a relationship that’s falling apart, but it can be done. It is hard work and requires a big commitment from both of you, but saving a marriage from divorce is the ultimate goal. Below I have detailed my experience and I hope it can help you too to solve your relationship issues.

‘Why do I have to come with you to a Marriage Retreat just because you want to go?’ he almost yelled.

He was really angry and I could tell by the way his face twisted that he didn’t give a damn about our marriage.

‘You’re asking why you have to come with me? Is that supposed to be a joke? We are in this together, remember?’ I responded, making an effort not to cry. I just couldn’t take this crap anymore. This had to stop. NOW.

Years ago, Mark and I had married each other, hoping to lead a life filled with marital bliss but as fate would have it, we were completely wrong.

We were hopelessly in love once upon a time, but it had slowly transformed to hate.  Well, hate is a strong word, but I don’t know what else I could call it. Fighting with each other had become common and if it didn’t stop, we would probably go crazy.How to Save a Relationship 2 how to save a relationship How to Save a Relationship That is Falling Apart How to Save a Relationship 2

It was exhausting to watch my own marriage fall apart and honestly, I didn’t know whom to turn to. I had to do something if I ever wanted to save my marriage.

It seemed like the end of our relationship and I wasn’t ready to let go. I had remembered Carol – a friend of mine who had suffered in a similar situation.

Like me, she couldn’t understand whether her husband was cheating on her or if he was simply uninterested in sex.

She had finally headed to a Marriage Retreat where she planned to spend some time and understand where they were wrong. It had worked out well for them as both the husband and wife had slowly made up.

So now that I suggested we head to a Marriage Retreat to see if we could make things work, he was upset. He didn’t even want to come with me! The more I thought about heading to a Marriage Retreat, the more it appealed to me. It wasn’t a bad idea at all.