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How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

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Are you wondering how to propose? Women tend to give a lot of importance to proposals. Every girl grows up dreaming about how romantic her life would be and what not.

“Because the night you asked me,
the small scar of the quarter moon had healed – the moon was whole again;
because life seemed so short;how to propose 2 how to propose How to Propose to Your Girlfriend how to propose 2
because life stretched out before me like the halls of a nightmare;
because I knew exactly what I wanted;
because I knew exactly nothing;
because I shed my childhood with my clothes-they both had years of wear in them;
because your eyes were darker than my father’s;
because my father said I could do better;
because I wanted badly to say no;
because Stanly Kowalski shouted “Stella…;”
because you were a door I could slam shut;
because endings are written before beginnings;
because I knew that after twenty years you’d bring the plants inside for winter
and make a jungle we’d sleep in naked;
because I had free will;
because everything is ordained;
I said yes.”
― Linda Pastan

So, if you’re in love and want to get married, you better come up with some interesting proposal ideas.

However, if you’re out of ideas, we’re here to help! Also, we’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do, when you propose