How to Pleasure your Girlfriend

How to Pleasure your Girlfriend in Bed

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#4: Try Some 50 Shades of Grey

The movie may have sucked but there are some incredible tips on how to pleasure your girlfriend that can be taken from the film, 50 Shades of Grey. Here are some favourites that pretty much every girl desires.

Bring some sweet treats into the bedroom. Paint each other with chocolate sauce and whip cream and devour one another with nothing other than your mouths. To really spice things up, allow both of you to put the delicious desserts on the areas of your own body to ensure that you are receiving all the attention in the places that count.

Another incredible way to get a little more kinky in between the sheets is to go public. Now, this is a little risky and you have to be careful not to get caught, which makes it all that more exciting.

However, if making love in the elevator doesn’t seem to be in your cards, make love in your backyard or while you’re camping. Switching the locations up of where you guys get down and dirty will break up that repetition and make it feel totally new. You may also want to find out what your girlfriend’s wildest fantasies are and have a little bit of a costume party for yourself.

Role-playing can be so much fun as long as you both commit to the characters that you’re playing. Either way, your girlfriend will be begging you, Mr. Police Officer, for another way to pay for that parking ticket.

More importantly, don’t be afraid to be spontaneous. The same ole’ regular position gets boring for the both of you and if you really want to spice things up and learn how to pleasure your girlfriend, act on your wildest and most spontaneous inhibitions – and cravings.