How to Pleasure your Girlfriend

How to Pleasure your Girlfriend in Bed

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#3: Turn On the Romance

Don’t get mistaken with this tip on how to pleasure your girlfriend because although ladies love some romance, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they want it all the time.

Too much sap in between the sheets on a constant basis can get boring but bringing it into play once in a while will certainly be appreciated on her end. Be cliché (as lame as it sounds) and get some whole rose petals and sprinkle them around the bedroom, or light some candles and have a bubble bath together.

Spoil her rotten with kisses and touching, teasing and cuddling – before and after making love, and never forget to take the time to undress her very slowly, teasing her along the way and savoring every inch of her beautiful body with your eyes. One too many men just go for it.

Slow it down a bit, tiger and add in some romantic elements for a more sensual moment that is bound to get both of your rocks off after a little bit of pampering. It’s a win-win.

Lastly, don’t forget about the kissing. Kissing is key. While she may not want to be playing tonsil hockey the entire time, kissing her while making love (and all over the body) will enhance that connection and chemistry that makes the bedroom so much fun.