How to Pleasure your Girlfriend

How to Pleasure your Girlfriend in Bed

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#2: Rough It Up

Speaking of being a bit more aggressive, you definitely need to enhance the roughness when learning how to pleasure your girlfriend. Use your big hands all over her body, and pull her head back by her hair just a bit. If this seems to arouse her, you’re in the clear.

She wants it rough and rowdy. This is an excellent way to show your girlfriend that you’re in control and just how bad you want her and that, in itself is a huge turn on for women.

Now, by roughing it up, this doesn’t necessarily always mean that you have to be rough per se. Doing things like tying her up, or teasing her with your body or even demanding orders is enough dominance that will cater to her wild desires.

Make her yearn for you like the way you do for her. Be confident and in control and maybe even a bit forceful if she’s into that kind of thing.

Being vocal is also an element in the bedroom that no man should ever overlook and this can be the perfect start to a rougher session in the sack – or as an add-on to use with the other tips. So, instead of asking your girlfriend to get on her knees as she is going to give you oral, tell her to.