How to Please a Woman in Bed

Blow Her Mind! How to Please a Woman in Bed Every Time

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#4: Your Girl Wants Exploration with More Oral

Even if you love dining out on your lady, she wants it more – and she wants you to explore with your mouth in the south even more.

Too many men stick to the traditional licking and sucking techniques on a lady, and if you really want to learn how to satisfy a woman in bed, listen up. Change up your tongue techniques and incorporate your fingers into the action at the same time.

While you’re down there, make some noise to show your girl just how much you love having your mouth in the south, and explore in regions you may not have otherwise.

These are killer combos that always please a woman well beyond what she was ever expecting. The same can also be said for when your women is performing on you. Many ladies get turned on by you being turned on, and when she is performing oral on you, she wants you to speak up.

Saying things like ‘good girl’ or describing how you like what she is doing with her tongue at the time will get it ready and raring to go for the next part of your endeavors for the evening. Let her know that she’s turning you on, and she’ll be just as excited.

There are some specific parts of the body that are generally the hot spots to giving your girl the best satisfaction she has ever experienced before, but many ladies also want you to explore her entire body. Lick, suck and kiss your way all up and down including the places where the sun doesn’t shine.

The anticipation will blow her mind – as well as many other things as well. And of course, be vocal! That seems to be a reoccurring recommendation when learning how to please a woman in bed.