How to Please a Woman in Bed

Blow Her Mind! How to Please a Woman in Bed Every Time

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#2: Your Girl Wants You to Treat Her Bad

If you really want to find out how to please a woman in bed, learn how to treat her bad. Historically, ladies have always gone crazy for a bad boy, and when you can channel this within the bedroom, fireworks are definitely going to be lit off.

Fantasies are something that both men and women have and yearn for, and acting on them can be all you need to take her satisfactions and turn them into a toe-curling, body trembling experience.

Keep the sweet and sensual stuff for outside of the bedroom because your woman wants you to ravish her. Devour her. Do things to her that you would truthfully never do in ‘real life’.

Have raunchy experience and take control, showing her just how bad you want her body and doing exactly what you want to do with her. Role-playing also doesn’t have to be a doctor and nurse, or a French maid and her client. Allow her to be the slut, for lack of better words, and for you to be the bad boy that her parents have always warned her about.

The secret to this tip on learning how to pleasure a woman in bed is to do the exact opposite outside of bed. You’ve heard the saying, ‘a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets’. Now it’s time to act on that and allow her to be just that – for both of your pleasures.