How to Please a Woman in Bed

Blow Her Mind! How to Please a Woman in Bed Every Time

In Dating Advice for Men by Interconnected Lives

#1: Your Girl Wants You To Be Aggressive

You probably get turned on when your woman takes the reins in between the sheets, so whose to say that your lady doesn’t like to see your aggressive side in the bed as well.

Being a little (or a lot) more aggressive can truly enhance both of your  experiences and can be the key to learning how to pleasure a woman in bed more than she has ever felt before. Whether it is slapping her booty, grabbing her hair, tying her up to the bed posts or using your strength to move her body around the way that you want, these are surefire tactics to turning on a woman.

If being too rough is a concern of yours, start off with a little bit of roughness and watch her reaction. If you lightly graze your hands around her neck and it makes her moan incredibly, this could be the ultimate indicator that she wants more, and she wants it bad.