How to Make Your Husband Happy

Secrets to a Happy Marriage! How to Make Your Husband Happy

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#4: Flirting Tips

Remember the flirty days when you dated your husband? Remember how you would blush whenever your boyfriend sent naughty messages to you? Well, there’s no harm in doing that even now.

Even if you’re married, and live 24 hours with each other, you can still rekindle the romance that has faded away. As soon as we get married, we tend to stop doing things we used to.

You’re suddenly supposed to share your space with someone (unless you’ve been living together) and such sudden changes can make you uncomfortable sometimes.

In order to cope with the changes, I went back to what I used to be when I met him. I would woo him with flirty text messages and would send pictures that were sure to make him go crazy. It would serve as a reminder about what was waiting for him when he reached home and he loved it.

If you’re always thinking about how to make your husband happy, you can bring your flirty side out and I guarantee that your husband will like it too.