How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy! What a Man Really Wants from a Woman?

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#5: romantic things to do for your boyfriend

You’ve probably heard that ‘the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

Maybe, but the most scenic and scintillating route involves taking a little detour over the taste buds and into the liver—ah, the wonderful world of wine!  Choose a good wine and you’re already halfway home to a great evening.

A few quick wine tips:

  • Say no to screw caps—the lack taste, they lack class, they last staying power…they’re just all-around lacking.
  • If you’re serving this with a meal, make sure to note not just which wines go best with which foods, but what the notes of flavor are vintage to vintage, to ensure the best experience.
  • Champagne is lovely, but best saved for something truly formal, special, or both.
  • Southern France, Southern Spain, Northern Italy and Napa, California are all great, storied wine regions. Steer clear of a ‘knockoff’ region, that is, one near but not actually ‘in’ those storied regions (ie, simply ‘Northern California’ instead of Napa.
  • Effort and prestige count with wine in terms of taste as well as how it’s perceived—a $3 bottle of Charles Shaw isn’t impressing anyone, whereas a $30 Bordeaux can be joy in a bottle.

Hopefully, these tips on how to make your boyfriend happy leaves you both craving even more of one another (oh, and that Bordeaux as well.)