How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy! What a Man Really Wants from a Woman?

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#4: How to Make Your Man Happy

Yet another way how to make your boyfriend happy comes from the simple idea of his feeling ‘valued.’

We’ve seen this cliché played out, the husband who wants to do handyman jobs around the house to prove he’s ‘useful,’ and the wife patiently putting up with it while hoping to God he has more common sense and ability than Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor.  (If you don’t get that reference…you’re WAY too young to be reading an article on ‘pleasing your man.’)

And pleasing him can, in turn, leave you feeling happy as well.  After all, your man is your man, the guy you love more than any other in the world.  It makes sense to want to see him happy, and it’s a testament to your bond that you want to make him happy through your own actions.

Again, reciprocity is key.  If he puts this much effort in with you, chances are you’ll be pretty pleased with the results too.