How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy! What a Man Really Wants from a Woman?

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#3: How to Keep Him Hooked

What does your significance other think about Russian involvement in Syria and Ukraine, and its long-lasting geopolitical ramifications for the involved nations as well as the West?

Or, what did he think of that film you two saw the other night—is it really Oscar-worthy?

Or, what does he think would go well with that lamp by your bedside?

On and on the list goes—where it stops nobody knows beside you and your partner.  Asking his opinion is not just a great way to make him feel engaged, but it really can ‘please’ both of you intellectually.  Too many of these kinds of articles focus on just, ahem, ‘the grand bedroom ballet.’  As we said above, however, choreographing that really is up more up to the both of you.

Still, all sex and no talk makes Jack a dull (and inconstant) boy, so why not take the time to talk to that head on his shoulders like its capable of rational thought, and expect him, in turn, to do the same with you?  Exploring one another’s opinions really can be one of the peak points of intimacy when done right.