How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy! What a Man Really Wants from a Woman?

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#1: How to Keep a Guy Interested

This is about as obvious as it gets in terms of finding ways to please your man and yourself at the same time.  Taking a trip together is a great way to share a new adventure, see him happy, and give yourself a little relaxation or excitement too.

A few tips on how to make your boyfriend happy with this one:

  • Have the cost factor figured out BEFORE proposing it. Chances are good that, if he’s at all fiscally responsible, even if he’d love to share a walk by the Trevi Fountain and tussle through the sheets in Rome, he’ll want to make sure you’re not going to have to mortgage the home to pay for it.
  • Speaking of Rome, you’ll want to look at the economies of different cities, states, regions and countries before choosing your destination. Paris, Zurich, Tokyo, San Francisco?  Hugely expensive at the moment.  Barcelona, Madrid, Montreal, Rome?  Slightly cheaper.
  • Let him in on the choice! This is obvious, but it’s easy to overlook in all your excitement.  After all, you’d want a say as to where you were vacation were the roles reversed, right?  Have a few places in mind, maybe with one you prefer, and see if you can make the final decision together.