How to Make New Friends as an Adult

8 Amazing Tips I Learned About How to Make New Friends as an Adult

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We face various hurdles in life but I had never dreamt that I would be wondering about how to make new friends as an adult at this stage in my life.

It is funny how life freezes and everyone around moves on and you suddenly realize that you feel alone.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, wondering how to make new friends, these tips might work for you and if they do, I will be really glad.

Well, as a 63 year old woman, I can tell you that my life was great until a certain point, but it changed when I realized that I had nobody to count on.

Yes I have a family, but 3 years ago, Gerald, my husband, passed away due to a heart attack. I have three sons and though I used to talk to them at least once every week, I just felt utterly lonely.

My elder son, Peter, is in the army and both my younger sons, Andrew and John are software engineers. None of them really have the time to visit me anymore and I don’t blame them anyway. It’s not like they don’t care, it’s just that I don’t want to sound like a pathetic old woman who is crying for company.

All my life I never bothered about how to make friends and at a time when I truly needed someone, just anyone to talk to, I felt that I had failed miserably in the area of making friends. So, I began reading books and researching. I did find many ways to make friends and I feel that I have learned a lot.

If you’re stuck in the same phase and are yearning to talk to someone, read these tips to see how to make new friends as an adult