How to Make Love to a Woman

Make Her Orgasm! How to Make Love to a Woman

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#5: New Things to Try in Bed

As we grow older, we tend to experiment a lot when it comes to our antics in the bedroom. Well, I don’t know about how it works for everyone, but I noticed that I grew more confident over the years. In fact, my girlfriend would tell me that her sexual experiences in her 30s were far better than what she experienced in her 20s.

I guess we just grow up and tend to enjoy everything in a better manner. Now, I’m not saying that your sexual experiences are based solely on your age, but what I am saying is that irrespective of your age, you must try new things.

For example, my girlfriend and I were very close to each other and discussed everything under the sun without inhibitions. I wanted to try new things with her and since she was comfortable with me, she had no problems.

One evening, we decided to make love while I blindfolded her. It was an incredibly erotic experience for both of us. She was stimulated because she had to guess what I was doing. Feather-light touches made her moan and beg for more in ecstasy.

For the next round, it was my turn to be blindfolded and let me tell you that it was an amazing experience for me too.

Similarly, you can try different things. Don’t hesitate to experiment. Women detest relationships when you make love without experimenting. Would you like it if you had to go through the same missionary position every time you made love? No?

Well, a woman feels the same too. She wants you to try new things and with her permission, you can absolutely try anything your heart desires. As long as it’s safe and has mutual consent, you don’t really have to worry about anything else.

Try to make your woman look forward to your sexual escapades rather than making her detest it. If you go for the same style and position every day, she will get bored very quickly.

If your partner consents to it, try making love to her after covering her with chocolate! You probably know that chocolate works like an aphrodisiac, but if you didn’t know that, it’s time you try it!