How to Make Love to a Woman

Make Her Orgasm! How to Make Love to a Woman

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#4: How to Make a Girl Fall for You

When you make love to someone, you certainly feel so ecstatic that you just want to close your eyes and feel it. You want to be aware of everything that is happening to you. In my case, I felt the same, and I would close my eyes while trying to enjoy.

However, I realized that it wasn’t something my girlfriend liked when she chose to discuss about it one day. Women love to communicate even when making love and that’s a fact that has been declared by many women over the years.

By communication, I don’t mean that you have to have a conversation while making love, but it’s important to maintain eye contact with her. It enhances everything you go through and apparently, women feel very sexy when a man never takes his eyes off her.

Perhaps, they feel more beautiful when a man showers all his attention on them. Therefore, I learned my lesson and never avoided eye contact whenever I made love to her.

This worked well for both of us because she felt more special and I got more turned on watching my beautiful lady. Plus, it strengthened our relationship more and it was a win-win situation for both of us!