How to Make Love to a Woman

Make Her Orgasm! How to Make Love to a Woman

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#2: How to Make A Girl Want You

Once we began dating, we took our time to get close to each other physically. We both wanted it badly, but it was well worth the wait because I enjoyed spending time with her. After a while, things progressed to the next level and before we knew it, we were making love to each other.

I wanted to ensure that she was happy with me in the bed as well, so I spent a considerable amount of time indulging in foreplay.

Many men don’t have the patience to take the time and please a woman. Then, they are left wondering about how to make love to a woman. They don’t understand why women dump them. Well, if you’re the sort who doesn’t believe in foreplay, let me urge you to change your thinking right away.

Foreplay is extremely important and not only does it make the woman wet and put her in the mood, but it also makes her feel good that she has found the right man. Women hate it when they are rushed.

Of course, if you and your girlfriend are hot for each other and can’t spend time on foreplay, I understand that it’s a mutual decision; however, I believe that even if you have known your woman a long time, foreplay always helps.

I would begin with light massages to just put her in a good mood. Women love to be pampered and they remember each and everything you do. My girlfriend loved it when I nibbled and kissed her. Gentle, feather strokes would make her crave for more.

She actually took notice of every touch and caress that made her go crazy about me. So, no matter how badly you want to jump into the act, remember to never avoid foreplay.