How to Make A Man Want You

Is He Into You? How to Make A Man Want You and Only You

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#5: Make Him Want You

Even if your man has been with you for years, you can still check out the competition. That’s not to say that you actually have to compete for his love at all, but it can be an excellent way to find out what he is craving within a woman at this particular time.

For example, check his ‘video’ collection or history. If you notice a trend with brunettes, you may want to try to incorporate this into your own look. If he has a celebrity crush, take a look at her style and see if it is something you want to try. You can also make him check his competition.

Next time you’re heading out for date night; wear something that you know will turn heads. Having other men look at you will remind him just how lucky he is to have you. It’s like an alpha-male thing, and your man will quickly pay more attention to you.

Believe it or not ladies, but it is that simple. Whether you are trying to grab the attention of a new flavor of the month or are interested in getting that spark back into your current relationship, these tips on how to make a man want you will help you to keep him interested for very long time!