How to Make A Man Want You

Is He Into You? How to Make A Man Want You and Only You

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#4: How to Keep Him Interested

A surefire way to how to make a guy want you is to leave him wondering. A little mystery never hurts. This doesn’t mean that you should act shady and suspicious when he asks you what you’ve done all day, but filling him in with less detail will automatically make him want you more.

An easy way to do this is to leave out the details that he really doesn’t care to know about, such as the office gossip or the details of the latest shopping trip you had with the ladies. It’s seems like such a weird tactic to do especially if you’re chatty Cathy, but the less you tell him, the more he will want to know.

So next time you run into his buddy, tell him just that. Leave out the details and watch how his attention changes. He will seek to draw out more information and at that point, you can fill him in because you already done your job – you let him yearn for more.