How to Make A Man Want You

Is He Into You? How to Make A Man Want You and Only You

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#3: How to Flirt With a Guy

Whether you’re reaching into your man’s pocket to find his “keys”, or snuggling up beside him in his big lounge chair, going in for the unexpected touch is always a win. Well, as long as you aren’t interrupting the big game on TV that is.

Otherwise, the power of an unexpected touch should never be underestimated.   It’s the simplest way to enhance that physical connection between you and your guy, and it will certainly leave him yearning for more.

So look for opportunities that are perfect for you to touch him unexpectedly, whether it is lightly gracing your breasts against his arm as you reach for the salt and pepper at dinner, or pushing your butt into him when he’s waiting in line behind you.

Of course, the action you take should always be based on your relationship status, as doing these things to a stranger probably won’t give off the impression you’re hoping for.