How to Make a Guy Like You

Is He Interested in Me? How to Make a Guy Like You Back

In Dating Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

What do you have to do to figure out how to make a guy like YOU already? OK, you’ve patiently liked and commented and aww-ed all your friends various Relationship status updates and wedding pictures and enough is enough, you’re tired of always being the bridesmaid and never the bride, you’ve officially had it.

First, let’s answer that question with another question—why do you want men to like you in the first place?  Are you doing this for yourself, or to keep up with your friends?  Do you feel that longing inside that comes from wanting something more out of life which can in turn only come from the special bond between two perfectly-matched people…OR are you just jealous that your friend uploaded her 26th couples selfie of the week?  (Not that you’re counting, of course.)

Assuming it’s the former, and not the latter, here are 5 amazing tips on how to make a guy like you