How to Last Longer In Bed Naturally

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally – Secrets to Lasting Longer

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#4: How to Last Longer In Bed Exercises

You need to exercise any muscle in order to have it working fully. The same can be said for those other muscles that can actually delay you from reaching your peak. There’s one called your PC muscle, and you can find it by trying to stop your urine flow once you’re already peeing.

Once you know how to trigger that muscle, do 3 sets of 15 reps each day. Then, when you feel like you’re too close to climax, squeeze the same muscle to slow things down. There are also three areas of your penis that can help maintain an erection if performance anxiety has taken over.

Make a tight ring with your index finger and thumb around the base of your penis when it is erect. You can also apply pressure on the underside of your head, or press on the area between your anus and base of your testicles.

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You’ve finally learned how to get a girl in bed, and you definitely want to be able to perform incredibly. With these tips on how to last longer in bed naturally, you have nothing to worry about.