How to Last Longer In Bed Naturally

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally – Secrets to Lasting Longer

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#1: Tricks to Last Longer In Bed

It can be incredibly hard to stop what you’re doing when what you’re doing feels so good, but this is key to learning how to last longer in bed naturally when you’re in between the sheets.

This tip on lasting longer in bed doesn’t mean that you should suddenly get up and totally stop with no purpose just because you’re reaching your peak too soon.
Instead, stop and change things up. Those couple of seconds or even minutes where you are doing something else such as oral sex, moving from the bed to the floor or even changing positions can be all you need to reset the meter.

You can also use those couple of seconds to start teasing your girl, which every lady loves. Another technique for lasting longer in bed is to not stop at all, but simply alter your speed. If the jack-hammering style brings you close to your climax, take it down a couple of notches.

When you’ve slowed down, keep the excitement roaring by kissing her neck and ear lobes, or running your hands across her body. Then when you’re ready to reach your destination, go nuts. Pun intended.

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This can also be said about going too deep. If that is what tends to bring you to your orgasm, try more shallow thrusts first and alternate between the two, which is pleasurable for the both of you.