How to Know If a Girl Likes You

How to Know If a Girl Likes You? Sure Signs She Wants You

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#3: If A Girl Likes You

If a girl likes you and you two hang out a lot, then it is very highly probable that she will bump into you more often than she normally should. For a girl, getting touched by a guy means something and she would simply disallow physical contact with a guy if she does not like him. Hugs and bumps are the easiest of ways to judge if a girl likes you.

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This doesn’t mean that every girl who hugs you has a crush on you. There are many women who are very comfortable with normal physical contact and they don’t really think much about it.

However, if you notice that the lady in question is always keen to get close to you, she might have developed a crush on you. Additionally, if you realize that she makes up excuses to be with you, she’s definitely into you.