How to Know If a Girl Likes You

How to Know If a Girl Likes You? Sure Signs She Wants You

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#2: Signs a Girl Likes You

Women are very bad at hiding their expressions especially towards their crush. Therefore, if you are a good looking guy who thinks a girl likes you, then you need to pay special attention to her body language when she hangs around you. Just appear available and see what happens.

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Do not, in any case, flirt around a girl you are checking out because it will tell her that she does not mean anything to you. If the girl likes you then she will behave strangely in your presence like she will lose her words while talking, her heart rate will increase which will lead her to stutter and her voice might get lowered down.

This might not be extremely obvious to you, but it does happen. Her confidence may shake and if you try and move close to her, she may even get awkwardly surprised.