How to Keep a Guy Interested

Make Him Want You! How to Keep a Guy Interested

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#4: How to Keep Your Man Happy

Whether it’s a past relationship, a fight from yesterday that you and your new boyfriend had or an ex-girlfriend of his, if it’s in the past – forget about it. When you begin a new relationship, you truly need to let the past be the past.

This is how you keep him interested – by being in the present because carrying on insecurities from your last relationship or grudges from the recent argument you and your guy had is never going to have a positive outcome.

Leave the baggage behind and carry on with the present and the future. This will instantly eliminate insecurities, nagging and clingy behavior, which is never desired by any party, especially guys.

Lastly, believe in love and passion – the can’t-keep-my-hands-off-of-you kind. It’s a powerful emotion and incredible things can come from it, especially when you use these tips on how to keep a guy interested.