How to Keep a Guy Interested

Make Him Want You! How to Keep a Guy Interested

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#3: How to Impress a Guy

If you want to learn how to keep a guy interested, learn how to love yourself first. Men love a woman that is confident, proud of who they are and what they have accomplished; a woman that has ambitions and goals, interests and desires, but not only that.

They love a woman that acts on those things. For example, show your confidence by not freaking out if you happen to find your man glancing over to admire another woman’s beauty. He’s with you and you should be confident in that, so show it. Chime in on how beautiful she is and let him know that you aren’t threatened one bit. Why? Because you are confident in who you are and the love the two of you have.

Additionally, another common mistake many women make is trying to be someone they are not; someone they think their guy wants. It’s just never going to work, so fall in love with your true self first; flaws and all, and the love will certainly be reciprocated within your relationship.