How to Keep a Guy Interested

Make Him Want You! How to Keep a Guy Interested

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#1: How to Make a Guy Want You

One of the best things to do when learning how to keep a guy interested is to keep dirty little secrets. Be a bit mysterious without being shady, suspicious or seemingly so. All this means is that you don’t have to spill every detail of absolutely everything in your life.

Men crave a little bit of mystery and providing this will keep him on his toes; it speaks to a man’s drive to ‘chase’. So, leave a little to the imagination.  Drop the boring details of your girls-night-out and start placing importance on only sharing details about exciting topics such as your upcoming road trip. Additionally, another way to remain harmlessly mysterious is to put the phone down.

Ladies, stop texting your man every 5 minutes while you’re out with the girls or when your man is out for the night. When you’re separated, enjoy it. You should periodically take some time apart to do your own thing, which also allows for the both of you to miss one other.

This will keep the love alive! Now, during the beginning of a relationship, your new guy is probably the only thing you’re thinking about, but don’t forget about your friends and your own life; you know, the one you had before you met this wonderful man.

Having some sort of independence is not only sexy to a man but also keeps that spark lit with an extra dose of mystery added. Doing these little things with make him want you.