How to Keep a Guy Interested

Make Him Want You! How to Keep a Guy Interested

In Relationship Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

Every lady should learn how to keep a guy interested, as it is vital to a successful, happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Once you’ve snagged the guy of your dreams, you don’t want to let him slip through your fingers and believe it or not, but it is actually fairly simple to keep his eyes and heart locked on you.

Men are very simple creatures and with a few relationship tips, you can keep your guy interested and eager to see what the future holds with a wonderful girl like you. So, stop worrying about the flame going out or falling into the ‘too comfortable’ category of relationships.

Keep the spark alive by feeding into all the things that men want in a relationship, whether it is during the first date or well after.

It’s time to explore what men want in a relationship and learn just how to keep him interested