How to Get Your Ex Back

I Want Him Back! How to Get Your Ex Back Celebrity Style

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#6: Getting Your Ex Back

Do we really have to point out how this one fits into our ongoing pop star motif?

For centuries, opera divas ruled the roost…

For decades, rock stars were the thing…

Today, it’s Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Disney Music ‘Star’ #1956-A…

Like it or not, we live in the Age of the Pop Star.  Seemingly everyone wants to take selfies, pose and be desirable, both in their own right and in relation to others.  As such, one of the best things you can do when trying to think of a way how to win him back is to just go about your own way, being the beautiful, fulfilled person that you are, and ultimately make him WANT you back.

To be clear, this isn’t an endorsement of tying your personal happiness to whether or not your ex wants to reignite things.  Personal fulfillment is just that—personal.  As we’ve already said, if you’re not happy with yourself, it doesn’t matter if you can get him back again or not.  Being a hot commodity and recognizing that other people besides him value you—including yourself—is the ultimate step in post-breakup satisfaction.

It also means being a ‘hot’ commodity in more ways than one.  Sure, looks can be nice, but the true measure of ‘hotness’ comes from the spice that you’re able to introduce into a relationship, and for that you need to be a self-assured, excited, genuinely interesting person in your own right.  Unleash your inner diva, and you’re golden (or even platinum!)

Only after that (pop) song and dance is through can you truly decide if and when you’ll have the solution as to how to get your ex back.  If you’ve got the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or want to ‘Roar’ like Katy Perry, do it—just don’t let Taylor Swift know about the latter.