How to Get Your Ex Back

I Want Him Back! How to Get Your Ex Back Celebrity Style

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#5: I Want My Ex Back

One of the major faux pas celebrities commit again and again is the failed apology.  We’ve all seen and heard pop starts apologize for this or that without really meaning it or admitting to any wrong doing.  This isn’t just a poor showing on their part, but quite often critically damages them from a PR standpoint, at least for a while.

And really, when considering how to get your ex back, you are, in essence, trying to score a PR victory of sorts.  Your ‘public relations’ with him and, to a lesser extent, the others in your shared social circle are your ultimate goal here.  A ‘sorry-but-not-really’ apology simply won’t do.  Just take a cue from the Beatles—ever heard of them?—and their song ‘You Like Me Too Much,’ and just admit that you were wrong.  Problem solved!

Well, not quite.  First, of course, you have to make sure that you actually DO mean it when you say you’re sorry.  If you can’t bring yourself to apologize for whatever it was that tore you two apart, you need to take a look at that and think about why before you can ever hope to figure out how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Is this indicative of a greater personal problem that you have with relation to giving apologies, or is it specific, and you just can’t bring yourself to apologize to this specific person on this specific point?

If the former, you might want to work on this overall, and try again.

If the latter, chances are whatever post-breakup wounds you have are still fresh, and you need to wait for them to heal.  If you can’t apologize after THAT…then maybe it’s not you, but him who’s to blame.