How to Get Your Ex Back

I Want Him Back! How to Get Your Ex Back Celebrity Style

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#4: How to Get a Guy Back

As an extension of the previous point regarding how to get him, back, it’s worth contrasting that more public, brunt approach to a breakup with a more amicable route.

Again, to be clear, every breakup is different, and so your reaction is going to vary as well.  Some exes might well deserve the kind of ‘Swift judgment,’ if you will, that features in the pop queen’s songs.

Again, however, if your own ex is that awful to you, you really should take a step back and ask yourself 1. Why you want this person back in your life if they’re so rude, crude, abuse or cruel and 2. If you should really be thinking about how to get your ex back at all, if that’s indeed the case.

The fact of the matter is that playing the role of a petty ex is pretty much the antithesis of how to get back with your ex.  Sure, there may be some ‘Bad Blood’ between you two, but we’re interested in building bridges, not burning them.

As such, avoiding any sniping or acts which may be perceived as judgmental is key.  Moreover, you want to try and keep things as friendly and open as possible.  The more you two can talk, and the more at ease you are with one another, then the easier it will be if and when the time comes to ‘make your move,’ as it were.

Be supportive, open-minded, and expect the same from him in return.  If you can’t even achieve that level of post-breakup chemistry, you can forget wondering about how to get him back—he’s gone, and the healthiest thing for you to do would probably be to move on yourself.