How to Get Over a Heartbreak

How to Get Over a Heartbreak and Move On in Three Months (or less)

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#3: During The Third Month After Breaking Up

At this point, the breakup is not brand new, and you, hopefully, are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember that everyone processes breakups differently, so if you are still having a hard time, – just know that it is OK.

This is a great time to evaluate how you are doing and see if you need to talk to a professional. If you are having an extremely difficult time, it may be worth it to see a therapist.

This can help you to work through the issues and hang-ups. Many people do not realize that most insurance plans cover therapy sessions. You usually have minuscule co-pay that you are responsible.

Also, if you think your family and friends are not offering the support you need, it is also another reason to seek professional help. There is no shame in participating in counselling and there is a good chance that you will grow from the experience.

Passions. Use this time to delve into your passions and hobbies. One benefit of flying solo is the ability to spend your time the way you want.Take the time while you are single to do what you love.

Personal Growth. Listen to podcast about relationships. These days there are dozens of podcasts uploaded that focus on relationships and personal growthListening to podcasts about relationships and love can help improve your interpersonal skills.

Take the time to identify the areas that need improvement. Communication is essential in a healthy relationship and if your last relationship suffered due to bad communication, then take the time to fine tune your communication skills.

how to get over a heartbreak 3 how to get over a heartbreak How to Get Over a Heartbreak and Move On in Three Months (or less) how to get over a heartbreak 4Start a Journal. One thing you may be missing from your relationship is the constant feedback and banter from your ex. One way to fix this is to start a journal.

Writing how you feel every night can help you get out your feelings. If you look back at your entries after writing for a few weeks, you may be able to see how much you have improved.

Note Card. This next technique is one that may sound odd, but it has worked very well for me. Take a note card and write all the reasons that you and your ex did not work out. Write down specific things. Stuff this note card in your wallet.

When you have times where you are extremely sad, you can pull out your notecard and remind yourself why you are much better off without the other person.

This technique has worked very well for me. When you are sad and lonely, it’s easy to run back to your ex; however, if you broke up, remember that there was a reason.

Start Dating. If you are feeling strong and ready, then month three may the time to think about online dating.

Even if you don’t plan on actually going on any dates, creating a profile and checking out other profiles can be helpful. Many dating sites offer group settings where you can meet someone casually.

You may feel burnt from the past; however, it’s important to keep the door open for new opportunities.