How to Get Over a Heartbreak

How to Get Over a Heartbreak and Move On in Three Months (or less)

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We have all been there. The moment when you wake up and the world feels cold and dark and you realize that it has happened. Now, you are wondering how to get over a heartbreak, and it stinks…

After a relationship breakup, just getting out of bed can be hard, especially if you have dated that person for a while (or if you are married).

Even if you know that it isn’t for you to be with that person, a breakup is difficult due to the attachment and emotions that were evoked during the relationship.

I have been through three major breakups before my marriage, and with each one I learned a little more about how to make heartbreak feel a little less terrible.

The key in dealing with a breakup is not to do anything rash, but also to take proactive steps that take you away from heartbreak and towards happiness, peace and healthy relationship.

Below we will outline steps you can take during the first three months to Get Over a Heartbreak and Move On